Aug 26, 2015

LIA LOOKS: About Sky Blue

Some of you may have known about this, if someone asks me about what's the most adorable color in the world, I would say, sky blue. I've been adoring this color ever since I was a toddler. I even got all my stationaries in all blue. As a little girl, my parents even wondered why I was crazy for a blue colored teddy bear when other girls would ask for the normal one, haha. Even still, even now, I would say, sky blue.

ps. I love the layering effect of this cardigan!

Scarf | DIY-Cotton scarf
Cardigan | @Kichi_Lovlistyle (Instagram Shop)

Skirt Karita
Bag Something Borrowed
Sandal | VINCCI 


Aug 19, 2015

LIA LOOKS: Howya doin'? I'm doing Pastel

I recently got a lot on my mind as so many things I didn't think of coming before has finally get into my life. I just realized that my life right now is not like the one I had before, everything starts to change. By change, I mean it climbs up to the whole new level and I'm thankful to Allah for who I am right now.

Rose Embossed Skirt | @eileen_attic (Instagram shop)
Shawl | D-I-Y stretch cerutti
Shoes | Calliope

Jul 8, 2015

LIA LOOKS: 'Shea Rasol' The Label

This is the post that I've been holding in for quite sometimes and I'm excited to finally publish it and share it to all of you! If you are following my Instagram you must've known that recently I received a lovely cream colored with a heart on top package from KL and the sender is none other than the famous Malaysian fashion blogger, Shea Rasol!

Shea Rasol (you know her!) has recently launched her very own fashion label named after herself, Shea Rasol, and her debut collection was called 'Enchanting Eid' that spoils us with them yummy pastel colors coming in six lovely designs that you can choose to which one suits your style the most.

She gave me a hard time to choose one that I like best cos actually I like them all, how can I not? I mean, look at 'em! But well, I get to order one for myself and long story short, Rosea is home! Lemme tease you more by how Rosea prettify my look to an iftaar dinner last Sunday.

photo by @ridhadyda
Dress | Shea Rasol
Cotton Scarf | Karita Muslim Square
Shoes | Calliope

The dresses material is Japanese cotton, which is silky to the touch, but it's as cool as ever (no.1 fabric requirement for tropical babes like me, lol). I walk around in this dress very comfortably, it's slightly thick but flows perfectly. The best part of each dress is they have their own unique details. They are also, absolutely, wudhu friendly for they have buttons/zipper on each sleeves.

What made me choose Rosea is I love how it looked like I'm wearing two pieces instead of one! ryt? and I like how it fits both formal and casual occasion. I am so gonna wear it again for silaturrahim this Syawal, inshaAllah. Best Ramadan gift ever, thank you, Shea!

It's not too late to get yours one for Eid! Because they generously throw out 10% discount on all items this Ramadan. Do visit their Instagram account to not miss their update, or drop by to their webshop this instant on because they do ship worldwide! 

Oh, we're finally here at the grand finale, the last 10 days of Ramadan, may Allah bestow His blessings on you, gives us strength and accept all our prayers, Ameen.

Love, Lia.