Oct 4, 2015

LIA LOOKS: Sailor Color

Donning sailor color palette cuz why not. Navy, white, and blush pink, definitely a favorite!

Scarf | @iapurple (Insta shop)
Shirt | Uniqlo
Skirt | @Eileen_Attic (Insta shop)
Sandals | VINCCI


LIA LOOKS: Mint First, Black Lasts

Mixing pastels and dark shades is not a crime. You should give it a try! :)

Scarf | Made it myself
Cardigan | Eileen Attic (Insta shop)
Palazzo | Eileen Attic


Aug 26, 2015

LIA LOOKS: About Sky Blue

Some of you may have known about this, if someone asks me about what's the most adorable color in the world, I would say, sky blue. I've been adoring this color ever since I was a toddler. I even got all my stationaries in all blue. As a little girl, my parents even wondered why I was crazy for a blue colored teddy bear when other girls would ask for the normal one, haha. Even still, even now, I would say, sky blue.

ps. I love the layering effect of this cardigan!

Scarf | DIY-Cotton scarf
Cardigan | @Kichi_Lovlistyle (Instagram Shop)
Skirt Karita
Bag Something Borrowed
Sandal | VINCCI