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Saturday, December 25, 2010

After everytime I dress up myself, after like everypost is talking about my outfit, now let's see what I did to my lil sister, Zahra ;) YES, I dress her up! she's a bit contrary to me. She loves PINK so much, and very gurly, she adore fairy tales, her favourite toy is Barbie, and her idol definetely Cinderella! hoiyh...she's turning six upcoming march, she wear hijab since she were a baby :) at first, the purpose my mum worn it to her besides to get her used to hijab is covering her neck to keep her warm, but without being forced, she always want to wear it, we never ask her, she don't want to put it off in public if not necessary, but of course she's just a kid--an over power hiperactive kid exactly, if we think she's already too sweaty, we will ask her to release the hair. Now take a look at this...taraa!
Soft Pink Corsage by rumah pernik | Bolero Cardigan by Little Cool | Pink Stripey tops my mum gave from Jakarta |
 Pink bow clutch by Vinolia | Red Legging by Little Cool | Baby Pink flip-flop
Okay, this afternoon, me, my mum, and my sister picked up my father and my younger brother at the airport, they're back from Jakarta, be here for spending holidays, my family member is now completed ;) yay! the above photo is my lil sister after having such a sweet meet up with my Dad, she keep holding his hand during our walk to the parking lot :D the hijabstyling done by me and successfully catch a lot of streetwalkers eyes to her ;) she tottaly love it and can stop smirking in front of the mirror! hehee...I just need my old pink scarf and a corsage ;p
The pink look completed when she rockn her cute pink bow clutch i bought for her :D she lost her old clutch--you know kids--whereas the old one's cuter and so rare, hiks, she put her tissue and parfume in, sometimes there's a candy or money which all were coins, hihihi, such funny to me ;)
My sister was very happy today b'cus me and my mum were having a little surprise for her, we bought a set of fairy stuffs like glittery wings and the magic pink wand two weeks ago, but we keep it until today and give it to my father before she met him, pretend like it was from my father :D she asked for it since last month but we're always pending it, and she's got a very very happy jump today because she miss her dad a lot and guess what? Daddy brought what she really want! aaaaww so lovely ;) 
So, this is my lil' sister style, and I can say most of her clothes are Pink, most of her style are in pink :) hheee, probably i'll show you later. Well that's all for today, thanks for reading! byebye there :*

xoxo, lia & zahra

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5 sweetness

  1. gosh. me and your babysis have similarities. =)) i wore hijab when i was very little too. :) got it on my latest post. haha. coincidence right?

  2. little sister is soo sweet :)..

  3. wow, most-stylish-six-years-old-girl-in-hijab! :)
    gud job liaa :)

  4. Lucu bangett,,, ini inspirasi buat anaku,,


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