A Single Rose to Hide My Pain

Monday, February 21, 2011

Feeling so blue lately, hahaha, my face really doesn't go with mellow dramatic feelings...
Pashmina from mom | DIY Ruffle tops | Roses Maxi Dress from Tanah Abang |  Black Suede Wedges by BLOOP
that ruffle top I loved so much! hehehe, very simply done actually, and the wedgie is new, hehehe, like the Calcagni wedges I wanted, but not really the same, hhe...say anything...I'd be delightful having your critics :)

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9 sweetness

  1. cantik kombinasinya.. the wedges! it it from bloop endorse? distro from indonesia? love it love it!!!

  2. Love the floral dress. seger diliatnyaah :D
    feel free to visit me back

  3. hai salam kenal amalia,.
    ruflle top nya made by ur self??
    i love it too..
    ajarin bikinnya dunk..hehe

    i follow u..^^
    follow me back if u want..

  4. kritik ? hahhaa i wont give you any because you looked lovely :D :D beneran!
    wedgesnya menggoda (untuk dibeli ) dan itu pas banget sama rok bunga2 nya :) hayahayahaya :p

  5. omg. you pulled the look. i want this. :)
    btw, i awarded you on my blog


  6. pengen belajar pake jilbab nya yang kayak gini deh!!!
    tapi gak bisa terus...

  7. @Sigmazetas: yaay, thanks thanks much dear :)
    @Sari.ameL: thanks dear :) I love it too!
    @Maya Irmayanti: Yap, made by me :) okay dear, soon after my google acc repaired :)
    @nichan: aa nichan thanks for the sweet comment, ayo beliii beliii, hahaha
    @ TheAngelWearsHijab: yiiw thanks dear
    @Kcaiyah: wooww thanks so much dear :) okay straight to urs!
    @amalia hani: waaa, iya have a try dear! :)

  8. baru aja liat dan sangat terpikat :D
    it looks so beautiful. suka banget deh!!


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