The Hana Tajima Hijab Style (Part 1)

Friday, February 18, 2011

Salam all....ahh first entry on February. Well, I'd like to share about my latest experiment, hehe. Maybe some of my facebook friend already know about this. So, start with...humm....I'm really sure you gurls must have known who she is...a half-Japanese-half-English descent muslimah from London, with the very amazing styles, the creative director and designer of MAYSAA London, Hana Tajima-Simpson. Okay, I'm not gonna talk too much cus she's quite famous among hijabees worldwide. (astaghfirullah, my english is terrible, really apologize ladies). Okay, straight to the purpose I'm making this entry, you must be know about Hana Tajima's latest hijabs tyle, the 'Farah Fawcett look alike' hijab style if say it :D really something rite?
courtesy of

I know we all LOVE this style, really different, simple, but super chic! First time I saw her in this hijab style is from her blog, first entry when she visited Malaysia, and after seeing this hijab style, I was then shouted, wow, she really has a gift! eheheh, sorry if I'm too much, but she really amazed meeeee. We are all curious about how to do it! including me, after shouting (halah) I was then asking 'How to do that?' thereafter I'm waiting for her making the tutorial, but reading the Malaysian hijabee blogger, I dunno I think she is still in Malaysia, maybe she just haven't had the time to do it. So, when I was free and doing nothing, there the idea come by, I was then sitting in front of the mirror and having an experiment with a pashmina. I' was trying to do her hijab style, hehhee, unexpectedly, I think I did one similar like hers :D I dunno whether I did the correct step as she did or not, but more or less, it appears like hers....hehehe...So, here today, I'm gonna share it to you all...I already made the tutorial but I don't know if I did something wrong, don't be mad at me :D cus I'm just adapting it from they go....

For the first Hana Tajma hijab style, we are using pashmina, all you need are pashmina, inner headband, and some pins.
and here is the step...
1. Put your headband on | 2. Put your pashmina on (make sure that one side is longer than the other side) and then grab two side of the fabric | 3. Pull them backward
4. Lock them on the back of your neck with a pin (push through thr headband) | 5. Take the longer side | 6. Pull it below the short side and bring them backward
7. Pin the longer side on the headband | 8. Pull the rest of the longer side forward | 9. Make it neat
10. Pin it below the fold of the fabrics to make the pin invisible | 11. Put some pins on the left and right side of your head to make sure the pashmina wont run messy | 12. You're done!

We know Hana Tajima likes to do simple style, and yesss this style is only as simple as that :D Once again, I'm so sorry if I did something wrong, let's waui for the true tutorial from Hana Tajima  (I hope) soon! really excited! if you have any question, please kindly leave it on the comment page :D have a try gurls! gusdluck! :)

tamtam :)

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17 sweetness

  1. dear. i love your tutorial. i do love hana. :)

  2. where to get the inner headband??thanks

  3. blogwalking..

    btw, itu innernya yg sampe nutupin leher bukan sih? beli dimanaaa?? nyari dijogja muter2 dan (lagi2) ga dapet :(

    nice tutorial. i would try it soon. keep posting :D

  4. @nichan: hey terimkasih nichan sayang :)
    @Kcaiyah: thanks so much dear :) yeaa Hana is amazing
    @TheAngelWearsHijab: thank youuu
    @asukajae: maybe you can find them here,
    @prahmahita: yang ituu egak say cuma aku tabahin aja, klo di jogj aaku juga belum nemu :p kalo di olshop ada nih dsini say!/pages/Cotton-island/141007782621995?v=wall

  5. lia itu pasminanya beli dimana yang mengkilat gitu, yhanks for sharing ya :D

  6. Woowww..great..besok mau coba.thanks for tutorial :)

  7. Wooww..great.besok mau coba.thanks for tutorial..

  8. @kak rizahati: itu beli kain sateen meteran yg lemes mbaak, bukan pashmina kilat kok, iyaa, sama-sama :)
    @pratiwi: have a try dear :) gudluck :)

  9. hi.
    may i know what is the dimension of the pashmina?
    because i thought of buying the satin cloth and do it myself.:)

    your tutorial was great btw

  10. hai, it is 150x60 dear :)
    Thankyou! I also buy the sateen fabrics and doing the edge myself, goodluck for you!

  11. Assalamu'alaikum

    I like the way you style your hejab, u should do up a video though, it'll be more clearer. ;)

    much love

  12. hi there..
    nice tutorial.
    i already follow u,ok.

  13. Mbak lia aku cobain ya caranya :D cantek sekaliii :3 keep posting sekalian ajarin akuu

  14. Ini butuh brp menit ya bongkar pasangnya kalo pas mo wudhu? Klo udah biasa, bisa gak ya dipasang tanpa harus ngeliat cermin? Atau ini mungkin setting-an jilbab untuk special occasion dong? Not for daily/working? Maap banyak nanya, aku baru hari ini sih belajar pake jilbab model gini.

    Girl you look gorjes! Pashminanya juga kece abis :)

  15. wow, u look pretty in her style. I also love Hana Tajima and recently I did wear her style in my blog too. :)
    I'm a new hijabi.



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