The Hana Tajima Hijab Style (Part 2)

Saturday, February 19, 2011

This entry is the continuance of the previous one. We're also gonna talk about my experiment trying Hana Tajima's Hijab Style, hee. Still the 'Farah Fawcett look alike' hijab style :p like th efirst one we did. But this time is a lil bit different, We're gonna do the second style, like she had on this pic..
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Basically, this second style is the same as the first one but there are some step that we need to reduce, and for this second style, Hana Tajima was using pashmina, but Imma bit improvising, he, I'm gonna use my square hijab, in this case, my old paris hijab which is very popular in Indonesia.
So, let's start gurlies ;) :)
All what we need
1. Put your square hijab on, make it one layer  | 2. Pull the rest of the fabric upward and bring it forward, make sure one side is longer than the other side | 3. Pull two side of the fabric and pin it at the back of your neck, just like the first one we did.
4. Take the longer side of the fabric | 5. Fold it into two layer to make it not transparent | 6. Pin it at the other side of your cheek, push through your headband. (ps: pull the rest of the fabric at the back of your neck downward to make the backside longer).
You're DONE!
More simple I think, rite? hee, yes it is, and this style could be your solution to reuse your old square hijab, because I know maybe some of you have already put them away due to to the 'middle-east' hijab trend which is lot more using pashmina or long scarves, am I rite?. Well, I say it because it happens to me, kekekeh, I don't know what to do with my old square hijab cus now I'm more often using the 'middle-east' hijab style. But seeing Hana Tajima with her newest hijab style, she really inspires me so I try her hijab style using my square hijab, turns out it's quite working isn't it? heee, you can also use any of your old square hijab, maybe your moms or grannys, hihi, just improvise with patterned fabrics or anything you like :) Alright, I think I'm done here, hope this information could be useful for you gurls, have a try and goodluck! :)

tamtam :)

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13 sweetness

  1. gorgeous
    why don't you come into my blog and mind to follow me back??:)

  2. Liaaa Subhanallah cantiik hehehe mukamu bentuknya bagus sih ya , jd pas pake model apa aja hehehe

  3. aww thats cute! i like this one compare to the prev one.hehe

  4. @sigmazetaz: ukay, have a try! :)
    @uchie: hello dear, okay soon I will, sorry for missing your blog, it's my laxity for not replying every single comment :(
    @Ladyulia: go have a try! gudluck :)
    @hajjar: thanks dear ;)
    @Rani: Terimakasih Rani :) km baik skali..
    @syierayanuar: ahaa me too me too, i lyk the prev one as well, thanks for drop by :)

  5. creative, tamtam!
    ai laik dis :)
    bentuk blkgnya seperti apa ya?
    panjang jg kah?
    oia, km ikut HC quiz jg kan ya?

  6. halo lia, baguuus! aku mau coba. apalagi pashminaku msh terbatas banget, hihi
    oh iya, sebelum lia pake ciput arabnya itu pake anak kerudung dulu ya? nyarinya dimana sih? susah banget nyari gituan :D

  7. @Kak Fitri: thank youu kakak, aku juga suka banget blog kkak :) inspiring! bgian blkg sisa kainnya banyak jadi bisa tinggal ditarik aja sesuai selera :) iyaa kak aku ikut tapi cuma masuk 2nd round :) hhi
    @Leila: terimakasih Leila :) silahkaan have a try! iya itu ak biasanya pke ciput doang, ini krna tutorial jdi aku tmbahin dlmnya bwt nutupin leher, kalo mau daleman yg bneran nutup smpe leher ada yg jual, cri aja di FB search: Cotton Island :) gudluck...

  8. dear. where did you get that black snood? i want something like that. but maysaa is way too expensive. haha. :) hit me back on my page pls.

  9. Dear Tam-tam, glad to see someone from the same city with the same taste of style with me, much love :*

    don't throw away the square hijabs dear, lately I wear them with Dian Pelangi style and sometimes I play some experiment, they still lovely, hehe..

  10. lucuuu model jilbabnya.
    pengen pake jilbab jadinya.


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