Saturday, April 09, 2011

Salam sisters, it's already been a month since I posted the last entry, hehehe. Ive got a lotta busy days, and was having a paramyxovirus attack earlier last month, I got 'mumps' (Google it for more info) heheee and yes, I got my cheek swollen down to the upper neck, it was torturing me for two weeks, but Alhamdulillah I'm now entirely recovered :)

It's so nice to be back, posting again, I miss this blog so much! hehee. Anyway, two weeks ago I visited my friend, she's older than me, she's a friend but we're so close like she's my spiritual sister, halah, hehe. I'll show you her face  below, let's call her Teteh Aisyah :D
Very sunda face, rite? rite, she's from Tasikmalaya. Well, she's just had an engagement a week before and a 'bride-to-be'. When I visited her, she told me that she's going to marry soon, uhuhuhu \(^.^)/ I was so excited when I heard that! and I think she hasn't told anyone yet about the d-day, I dunno whether she wanna make a surprise or what so I'm not gonna say it here, but like I said 'soon' means 'very soon' ^.^ uhuhuhu!

But, there's a story, about the wedding dress fabric which her fiance's cousin choose for her, hehehe. It's a teal blue brocade fabrics and already on her hands rite now, and of course it purposed to be made as Kebaya dress, but she told me that she's kinda not-sure about it, cus kebaya is rather tight and ordinary, hehe. She actually wanted a soft sweet colour and a syar'i elegant design like the fascinating Irna La Perle collection, which most material are chiffon, sateen, or velvet I guess, hehe. But she definetely couldn't put the brocade away, bcause you know, just no way. So, after talking and more talking, we both ended in confusion, xixixi.

At home, I was laying on my bed that the idea came by, hehe, some brocade dresses design flashed in my brain. I took my scrapbook and pen then start drawing, hehe. I had tons of pictures in my head but I also consider her chubby face and her bodyshape (hahaha sorry teh if that comes too sensitive :p) so I made them as fit as possible. I would be really happy if she could wear something I made specially for her on her special day :) hihi. Well, here they are! :D
1) KEABAYA | The first drawing I made, combination of kebaya and abaya. Brocade is identic with kebaya,
so I couldn't put off the kebaya sign on this abaya, I add a fabric-wrapped buttons details on the frontside,
hehe. I call it Keabaya :D
2) BITTERSWEET | My second drawing, I wonder that this one would be rather sweet because most of the
material is chiffon which is pleated and the falling sateen ribbon would be sweeter ^.^
3) RUFFLE ROLL | Most of the materials are chiffon, This one would be very eye-catching cus in real,
I wonder the chiffon bollero would be very romantic looking when it's blown by the wind :D
4) BLOOMY BRIDE | My last drawing, I put several embroidery flowers on the head and the coat,
nothing much to say, just because it's spring time! :D hehe
'Teh Ais' that is what I call her, was very happy when I brought my scrapbook to her :D She adore the first and the second pics, but she couldn't decide yet, I know wedding, so many things to consider, hihi, I'm wondering when my turn is, hmmmmm, hehehe, I hope it would be much more wonderful :D halah, amin InshaAllah. I gave those sheets to let her consult to the boutique where she will make the dress, I rather excited how my design would come into real! :D hihi, "BARAKALLAH TEH AIS", I hope it would be a wonderful one, AMIN.

So, what do you gurls think? which one do you like best? hehe :D leave your thoughts below! :) 
thanks for reading :*

| amalia |

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11 sweetness

  1. ih lucu2 desainnyaa.. suka yg nmr 2 dan 3.. hihi

  2. that's just plain sweet.
    I like the second one. :)

    oh. I have a second blog, its kinda more on fashion


  3. hellooooooo..
    maybe I'm a new visitor here, but not really, haha

    you know that you are soooooooooo talented about that fashion things :D
    keep moving on!

  4. taamm.. vote for bittersweet! lucang benerrr.. ternyata dikau berbakat design ya nak..:))

  5. heeiii.. I love number two.. simple but cacthy.. anw, put a big bow or flower on the front (up the tie). it would be amazing! :D
    nice sketch, u have to do it again and again :)


  6. thanks all for leaving ur thoughts here :D I really appreciate each one of it, thanks! ;)

  7. I love the 2nd and 4th. Those look more simple and mature :)

    Ah, I envy you nih Lia :P lagi belajar jahit juga soale :D But I'm worst in drawing, and designing too maybe :(

    You should open your own boutique one day ;) ( I think you have had thought about this :D)

  8. salam..hi thanks a lot 4 dropping by on my blog ^^ waahhhhh..u r so creative i love the designs especially the 2nd one!

    btw, nice blog here n i followed u dear~

  9. Bagus banget design nya.. Pengen belajar bikin design kaya gitu :)

    btw, ada award, kalo berkenan cek blogku yaaa..

    thnx dear :)


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