Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Pashmina | Jeans shirt moms | Slingbag from Grandma | Pleated Skirt | Glossy Loafers
These are everything I wear to campus today, and I feel so happy in them. I like how my skirt flow when I walk. Plus the super comfy loafers which is really attracting since it pretty glossy, I am very lucky to have them for only IDR 36k, seriously, they're gorgeous. The pleated skirt is new. I ruin it a little when I forgot to flip the fabric under my legs when I ride my matic-motorcycle. It flew beautifully but unfortunately the fabric kissed the super hot muffler**knalpot, and can you guys imagine there are about six or seven holes which are as big as a coin at the bottom of the skirt, too bad. This look was inspired by Elle Fanning when she was spotted walking outside Starbucks. Especially the loafer, she's brilliant in matching it with a ruffle skirt. I love loafers :D I wear mine almost everyday *norak*. Ohkay, that's all for today, don't forget to leave a word or two, and Thank you for reading! :)

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