Sunday, January 08, 2012

It's already 8th of January, I knaaw. I exactly planned to post this NOT right in the new year's day, so that probably some of you were waiting it (bighead) haha no no no I didn't think it that way, it's only because I've already posted two looks earlier this month, so, it won't seem like I only post when I want to. When I do then suddenly three posts come up in a day, but when I lazy, not even one post showed up, haha. So, to make it balance I decided to keep it for some time. What a bad excuseeee, I really really bad bad in arranging words I'm sorry, just don't care about the words, enjoy the pics :) aaand eventho' it's late but, I wish you a blessed new year *cheers*

Jacket | ART MARIE
Sweater | H&M
Glossy Loafers | Local Brand but total cutie
Stripped Slings | INO bags
Headscarf | GUCCI
Location | On the fly over of Lempuyangan, in the middle of fireworks party 
by the way, but I'm only watching, yeaa)

thanks for visiting again,
salam, Lia

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1 sweetness

  1. wah.. nma blognya ganti..
    itu gimana kak caranya?

    bdw, keren kak kembang apinya :)


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