The Bag

Sunday, April 29, 2012

 cream tops | made it myself
skirt | U2
the ?IT? bag | PS1

Everyone is happy today. Daddy: reading newspaper, mommy: sewing, me: doing lab report (beneran tau) , lil sis: talking to her dolls, lil bro: watching tv, big bro: (looks likely) twitting all day.

location: YAP Square
photo by: Hasna Fadila

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6 sweetness

  1. I like the white skirt, it's so beautiful!

  2. Aku sukaaaaaaaaa bgt sm style kamu yg ini lia. Kalo ketemu dijalan psti uda aku liatin hihihi. :D

  3. lovely sis. i love the whole outfit. <3

  4. i love this look :)

  5. I love your top...
    can u tell me how to make it :))

    Kindly visit my blog too



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