Last Saturday Night

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

*oily face* Salam, girls, how are you? how's your day going? Good I hope :) Last saturday, finally, I had a chance to have a walk with Isma

orange tops | borrow from dad
plaid blazer | (local brand)
skirt | U2
my 'favorite' slingbag | guchi (local brand)

Well, most of the things I wore here are 'treasures' I admit. But, what do you think of Isma's outfit? I think her skirt is my favorite. Let these photos tell you how it went :) and also, please leave some words :* jazakallah.

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5 sweetness

  1. love the style both of you :)

  2. Assalamu'alaikum...visit this blog for first n am just into it...i have followed u...just feel free to follback...
    saya juga sering ke jogja, hopefully we can meet and have chit-chat someday

  3. Salam...
    Simple but lovely, just like your blog ;)

  4. Salam..
    Hai, salam kenal
    Simpel tapi sangat lovely, hehe seperti nama blognya ;)


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