HIGHLIGHT: Jogja Fashion Week 2012

Friday, July 13, 2012

Here is the highlight from Jogja Fashion Week 2012 day two I attended last week.
I just can't get my head right seeing all of the pictures come out from the camera that 
I can't manage to mention which is which :p Just enhoooy!

ALL was lovely!
I said in earlier post that I probably can not come on day two, but Alhamdulillah, after setting something and the other things, I can finally made it. Jogja Fashion Week was held July, 4-8, in JEC Yogyakarta. These pics is only from day two, which the theme is moslem outfit. There were 20 designers participating, and these are just a few pics out of 1000 in the camera. Below are my two favorite designers among all of the stunning designers, Fitri Aulia and Nabila Ayumi. Those songket and bridal things are just gorgeous! 
The designs from Casa Elana also caught my eyes like they know my current fave "peplum" (unfortunately I can't get any good pics).
I actually came on day two and four, but on the fourth day (Fashion Tendance 2013), I left in the middle of the show, so I didn't get any good pictures. There were also two designers present moslem outfit which were stunning
(I can't get the pics as well).
It was much about camera problem :p I can't even get my own picture right, hheh. But still, Alhamdulillah everything went well. Hope to see you girls next year on JogFW 2013, salam.
Stripe Top U2 | Peplum Skirt made it myself | Shoes VINCCI |

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