LIA LOOKS: Floral Palazzo

Thursday, December 18, 2014

My current crush, Palazzos! This pants is my newest favorite, I bought it, but not as pants, so literally, I bought the fabrics. It's frm one of the most famous textile factory in Indonesia, SriTex. The material is crepe chiffon. It is very light, non-see-through, and cozy at once.
So, I made the pants myself, as always. I'm lazy to shop whenever I want some specific style of clothes, you girls may then look it up online, but not for me, in case that I have my own sewing machine, I usually buy fabrics, then made them as what I wanted. Most of the things I wear in my posts, like skirts, tops, dresses, or even the hijabs are mostly I made 'em myself tho'.
If you guys (okay, not all of you) might be thinking 'Oh my, this girl's got so many clothes, she is defintely a shoppaholic' Oh no no dear, cus I don't spend money on clothes that much. I'm a student who's still in needs of many college things and always saving up. So, from pants to college, huh? hahaha. I may also need to open a clothing-line to share what I make and what I wear to you girls, who's with meee? heheheee.

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