BANDUNG DIARY: Lawangwangi Creative Space & Art Gallery

Monday, January 19, 2015

After Jakarta, my next stop is, Bandung. A very short but qualified trip. Been longing for this one for four and a half years. Last NY's holiday was a perfect moment for finally bein' able to arrange a Bandung trip.

I really wanted to tell you all about this one of the best moments of my holiday, but long story short, I ended up having my first day of 2015 in this breathtakingly beautiful place called 'Lawangwangi Creative Space & Art Gallery' SubhanAllah, feel so blessed.

Lawangwangi Creative Space & Art Gallery has been SO POPULAR. I know this is so yesterday cus many people have came here long before, but I think it's still a must visit when you are coming to Bandung. This place is located in Jl. Dago Giri No.99, Bandung, or locals refer to it as 'Dago atas', cus it is actually located up hill of Bandung city, and almost near to Lembang.

I arrived in Bandung at 8 in the morning and the streets was unbelievably empty. I heard it was a total jam a day before and normally the traffic is so crowded around that time. I think everyone must be still sleeping for staying up all night counting down to the new year. Glad to arrive at the right moment cus I don't really like the jam.

I came to Lawangwangi early at 11:00 a.m. to prevent the crowd but it was a red date on the calendar, so there's a notice saying that they will start operating at 12:00 a.m. that day. Well, then I continued my trip to the tea gardens nearby in Lembang and spend an hour before I went back to Lawangwangi.

I got to Lawangwangi at exact 12:00 a.m. thinking that this place might not be too crowded since it was just start operating. But you can see on the pics, the parking lot was full, I came in and there were so many people inside already sipping some sweets and chit-chatting with their friends. It was a long holiday, I thought most people went to more relaxing places like hot springs in Lembang, have some picnic in the middle of tea gardens, or eating strawberries in Tangkuban Perahu. Turns out this place has always been a favorite.

Lawangwangi consists of three areas. They have two storeys building, the first floor is an Art Gallery with so many art works displayed, second floor is a Lounge and Cafe, and last is the frontyard area where bigger size of artworks displayed and customers can enjoy the nature freely.

I am used to Jogja's heat and suddenly chilled by Bandung's weather, so I directly went upstairs to get something warm and nice to chew. Bu looking at the menu, I was drooled by the dessert's appearance in the picture, it looked berry sweet and tempting. I can't lie myself to ignore it, so I end up with 'Morgan Green' which is full of vanilla scoop, cherries, and almond crumbs on top, MashaAllah, there was nothing but happiness. Only cool kids got cool desserts in a cool weather, hahaha.

The trademark of Lawangwangi is the wooden bridge balcony. I can't help but posing in front of the glasses-wall building like what people do here. There is also an interesting statue outside the building, which somehow depicts the human life cycle, looks likely, I don't really understand pure arts, haha. Anyway, looking at it, leaves a very deep impression in me and I think it's such a genius piece of art.

Alhamdulillah, I was enjoying my time very much that I didn’t get to take any pictures of what I ordered and cool things I saw when I first came in. I even forgot about my cellphone, I only remember to take out my camera after I finished them all and went out to check the view. As the nowadays saying goes ‘The best nights of your life are the nights you don’t upload’ rite? means you enjoy your time too much that you don’t have time for gadgets. In my case, it’s so true.

But remember, some other best nights become the bestest nights if you can recall and share them later to your friends, families, or maybe your future grandchildren through pictures and stories. One of the fun and easiest way is making more time to stop and take pictures then write on your blog later! Hihi. Thanks for reading, and have a good day!

Love, Lia 

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6 sweetness

  1. How come I didn't know about such a beautiful place called Lawangwangi?? thanks for sharing, Lia!
    Yes, when we really enjoy something, we forgot everything else, including gadgets & taking pics... But being a blogger, seeing such a beautiful place bikin geregetan pengen posting pastinya yaaa XD XD XD

    1. Ini sudah lama banget ka Tia tmpatnya, beneeerrrr naluri blogger gatel pengen nge-share hehehe

  2. wah keceee abis nih tempatnya memukau selera heemmm aseeekk abiss...

  3. Iiiih.. jadi pengen ke Bandung dan ke tempat ini, Lia :) Thanks ya infonya.

  4. aku juga dulu pas jaman s1 suka main ke Lawangwangi. :D tempatnya emang oke.


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