Friday, January 23, 2015

Urban Shabby defined as the urban feeling for this shabby chic outfit. It's a tricky matter every time I'm about to wear a maxi cardigan. I have problems with such long bright-colored outfit. I mostly wear this cardi brightly like in my post here, matched with bright colors of skirt, scarf, bags, all bright everything and feels like the outfit is so heavy and appealing. Being too bright in a casual day leads my insecurity strikes especially when people were like staring weird at me. This is one of my best attempt calming down the brightness, haha.

For a casual event, you can always depend on your long bright colored outfit. Match with dark colored scarf, shoes, or any other accessories to balance the look. I managed to put on a dark blue skirt underneath the bright floral cardi and, voila, an approximately slimmer and more casual feeling on the look, hahah. I match the skirt with the scarf, but it might looked too gloomy, so I put on a silver loafers and a mini grey sling bag to fancy the look. Well, here it is, Urban Shabby.

Which one do you think better? The old one or this one? Drop your thoughts below, and thanks for reading!

LONG CARDIGAN | Karita Muslim Square
LOAFERS | EZRA by Zalora

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15 sweetness

  1. Bagus sekali itu outternya. motifnya juga bagus...

    Salam kenal ya...
    Aku baru saja memfollowmu...
    Mari berteman....


  2. cantiik.. tp emang iya tricky banget pake long cardi kayak gini.. been there beberapa kali :|

  3. i think this look seems more dynamic, while the previous one looks alim banget :p

  4. Liaaa, suka deh... Kalo pake atasan + rok jeans doank juga polos banget. Dipadu maxi cardi gini jadi kereeen

  5. halo lia salam kenal, nyasar ke mari berkat link dari blog nya tiananda.
    suka deh ngeliat orang pake long cardi, karena gw sendiri gak pernah cocok, jadi keliatan makin bantet.
    love the whole look, it looks good on you.

    1. salam kenal juga mba, hehehhe, iyaaa ini jg dipakenya kadang2 karena panjang, jadi menyesuaikan acaranya, hhehe

  6. wahhh apikxxx nice urban shabynya ini kren stylenya suka sama kalemnya kece nih....

  7. Love the cardigan! Ini tempatnya di Dowa yg Jalan Mangkubumi itu bukan ya? :o
    Salam kenal, btw:D

  8. wah... long cardigannya bikin ngiler hehe ^_^
    btw salam kenal


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