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Friday, March 20, 2015

If you are one of those girls who prefer 'boyish' look for you daily dress up, well, I can say, we're on the same side! Yeap, I actually am having a tendency of being boyish. Back in elementary school, the young me had always picked out boyish items to wear, I mostly went for pants, and everything dark-colored. That's looooong ago before I started wearing my hijab, and by years, by getting older, my style changed and I started doing many styling experiments.

Even so, that young-age-tendency is like never really leaves me. I can never let my outfit comes out too cute or too sweet. I've always been captivated of people, I mean, girls who can pull out boyish look so well. But, nooow, there's a lot more girlish side of me tho' hahaha I am now used to wear bright and pastels, long skirts and dresses, etc. The other thing of me being girly is adoring floral! who doesn't love floral, girls?! I know you can never have enough florals. Boyish girls are just girls anyway.

This is my attempt of fulfilling my floral addiction while not being too girly. First of all, I wanted to have a floral dress that completely fits my character and wearable for daily activities, so, I tried making it myself. Second of all, here are some styling tips for you who have similar feeling as mine, hehe...

  • I choose a fabric which material is cotton, to prevent 'see-through' and to make it more casual (easier to sew as well). But feel free, you can also have chiffon, jersey, or many other silky materials as long as it is comfortable to you.
  • Choose for floral patterns which have dark-colored background, black, grey, or dark red. Mine is navy blue (this is optional).
  • Go for a straight-cut maxidress, to create a clean simple look, no much fabric flowing to the sides when walking.
  • Put on a similar tone maxi cardigan for outer, to reduce pattern all over your body. (An over-patterned outfit wont come out casual I guess)
  • Put on simple shoes and bag. I go for a black d'Orsay flats and a black messenger bag with belt details to let out my boyish side, tehee~
  • Wear a matching plain scarf with simple hijab style to finish the look, and yay, ready to go! 
    Ah, one more thing about me, this is kinda ridiculous, well, I always keep myself away from wearing PINK, can you tell? I can count with my fingers on how many times I wear pink. I'm feeling less-confident in pink. Not that I hate it, I prove it in this look that I finally get to wear pink again after years, but still, I only dare to go for dusty pink (yeaa, that's dusty pink alright). I really can't stand bright electric pink, magenta, or what is that? fuchsia? hahaha thanks, maybe later. I bet you girls are lookin' great in pink, seriously, don't mind me.

    Well, that's all, I hope you guys enjoy reading and finding it useful, hopefully, amin. Stay healthy, and have a good day! Wassalamualaikum.

    Polyester Scarf | Karita Muslim Square
    Maxi Cardi | Unbranded
    Dress | by me
    Cross d'Orsay Flats | Elizabeth Shoe Store
    PS-1 Messenger Bag | Can't remember (thrifting in S'pore) 

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    12 sweetness

    1. Saya suka style dan fotonya, ^^
      warna bajunya sama dengan warna background bunga warna pink.

    2. I think we have the same scarf. :D :D
      love this. ohhh. you made that dress?? <3333

      1. You do? waah, hi-five!!! I know you must've had lotsa pink stuff.
        Yap, I made the dress ;)

    3. Love your ootd here! :)
      And thanks for the tips:D


    4. Love your dress Mba :D
      Yeah I have the same matter with you, but it's okay for me to wear girly thing for now, hihi

      1. Thankies :)
        Wah, you do?? hehe true, being girly is fun too!
        Thanks for dropping by.

    5. perfect combination!
      dress sama backgroundnya cucoook XD

      1. I know right >.< hihii thankyouu, kebetulan mecing ;)


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