LIA LOOKS: Unlike The Rest, But Definitely The Best

Monday, March 23, 2015

Yes, I've been challenging myself on wearing Pink! I'm getting myself a new shirt earlier this month after confusing about what color to get, because I actually got bored of any other colors in my closet. After few days, I decided to go with Pink, not that Pink, the shades of it, Mauve to be exact.

This outfit is unlike the other rest of my outfit, but I may say this outfit is definitely the best. I usually am not a 'sneakers' girl cus I am more into fancy shoes, hehehe, but wearing sneakers is absolutely the most comfortable thing you can get while still looking fashionable.

How about you? What kind of style do you like? Let me know!
Love, Lia.

Polyester Scarf | Karita Muslim Square
Flannel Shirt | @everlastshop (Instagram)
Floral Jersey Shirt | Gaudi
Sling Bag | Something Borrowed from ZaloraID
Sneakers| Zalora Basics from ZaloraID

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