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Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Salaam! It's been a week since April started and Jogja is still likely to be drenched in rain. You can see I'm stepping on raindrop spots in the pic. It's been a wet and pretty cold week, and I'm so packed with schedule for I'm gonna start my thesis research at the end of this month, excited! hahaha.

I've been following people's outfit posts these days and I realized that monochrome style has been so in trend. I feel like doing monochrome too since I wore a lot of pink and pastel last week, so I opted for this monochrome floral coat from @eileen_attic. This coat has been a great companion so far, since the material is scuba, have you heard of it? it's my first time too when I first received the package, hahaha. I may explain a little bit, so the material is sort of like those scuba diver's diving gear, it's soft, not easily wrinkled even if you sit on it for too long, and it requires less ironing too. The fabric is slightly thick so it keeps you warm but not too heavy when wearing it, and the best part, it's in floral! kudos!

I live in a slightly fluctuate weather city so I go for a happy-feeling monochrome. You won't be too gloomy when the rain is falling, and also not too 'rag' when the sun is up, a perfect monochrome style for this season, MonochRomantic!

Floral Scuba Coat | @eileen_attic (Instagram shop)
Polyester Scarf | Karita
Pants | Made it myself
Shoes | EZRA

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