LIA LOOKS: Pastel Shades

Monday, April 20, 2015

An oldy worn but newly posted outfit. No need to explain much because pastel knows girls the best.

P.S. Doing an OOTD shoot on a bright floor or any bright pedestal (e.g. white carpet, white sand) will give you perfect lighting and much better results. You'll find your smile much brighter, and get your outfit perfectly glowing, ulala~~~

Maxi Cardigan | @eileen_attic (Insta Shop)
Jersey Maxi Dress | Made it myself
Heels | Calliope


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8 sweetness

  1. Liaaaaa... Cakepnya dikurangin dikit bisa ga siiihhh... Aduh ini manis bangettt!!! Mau dooonk maxi dress kayak gitu <3 <3

  2. Lia cantik bangett.. ke Jakarta lagi plis, fotoin akuuu :p

    1. iya kak, next time outdoor sih, aku fotoin pastiii, hehehe


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