LIA LOOKS: The Red Riding Hood

Monday, May 11, 2015

Hi! it's me again. I recently am in the mood of taking style shoots, so, I prolly will have a lot more look post than usual this week, mehehe~ and still dressing up in Eileen Attic, their items are sooo lovely, so wearable, so comfy, so up-to-date, the material is so qualified (seriously), the price is so affordable, so perfect for daily wear, and I'm sooo in love! lol.

This time I'm wearing the red tartan skirt which material is flannel, it has wide cutting and it's best to pair it up with sneakers since you can move freely without being sweaty and stifling, totally the comfiest outfit evo!

Aah, I will have a little giveaway for you guys near soon, just a lovely little present which is important for your daily outfit, but I'll spit it out more about it later, okay! Keep an eye out! 

Scarf | Karita Muslim Square
Jeans Jacket | GAUDI
Turtleneck | Hardware
Shoes | Zalora

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4 sweetness

  1. Keren :)
    Selalu suka liat rok dipaduin sama sneakers

  2. Love this look! Your Skirt is beautiful <3

  3. Super love the skirt! I've never have an idea to pair a denim outer with a wide skirt, since I don't have any matchy one >_<!


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