LIA LOOKS: Colorful Casual Ngabuburit

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Salam readers! Alhamdulillah it's the 4th day of Ramadan and it's Sunday! I'm actually having a long to-do list today, no lazy lazy. I'm keeping things casual and colorful for my activities this Ramadan, because my daily cycle is apparently more suffocating than usual, one of the reason is my mum, hahaha. Y'know a mother consider many things during Ramadan and I have to help her as the eldest daughter in the family. I hope you enjoy as much time with family this Ramadan as I do, inshaAllah.

This outfit is chosen for I have a bff-birthday-visit, groceries shopping, ta'limul quran class, iftaar in the masjid, and taraweeh in a day. I opted for all cotton to stay away from the heat, the highlight comes from my customized Raglan Tee from @wear_ever_ (Instagram shop). This baby is super comfy and the colors are yumm! You can make your own too with any colors you desire! coolness. I go for a simple hijab style and added some patterned mini shawl to liven up the look. Well, have great fasting days with some great outfits on too!

Cheerio, Lia :)

Scarf | Paris cotton
Raglan tee | @wear_ever_ (Instagram Shop)
Skirt | Gaudi 
Shoes | FairyBerry
Backpack | Les Catino

Photographed by : Alvista Riviera, my bae!

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