LIA LOOKS: Sheer Polkadots

Sunday, June 07, 2015

Hi lovely readers! Life's demanding so much time recently. I finally managed to get my outfit and it's details captured. This happen when you meet a photographer friend who is such a kind and lovely girl, and especially, she's got the sense how to create a perfect outfit shot, Alhamdulillah!

I want to share a little outfit tips for you, especially when you bored styling your printed skirt/dress the ordinary way, let's make it extraordinary!

This is my new weapon, a maxi sheer cardigan! I opted one which is made of chiffon, added it over my slouchy tops and skirt to get the whole new mood for the outfit. This kind of cardigan is a perfect match to your patterned items. You won't need to worry of losing the prints, you can let it exposed and be more stylo without feeling stuffy since it's light and flowy. I love maxi cardigan because it perfectly covers the 'curve' and brings out modesty, inshaAllah.

Cardigan | @anditagallerys (Instagram Shop)
Skirt | @eileen_attic (Instagram Shop)
Shoes | Zalora The Label
Bag | Bought in KL

Photographed by: Sheila Noor Baity

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3 sweetness

  1. fotografer berbakat + model berbakat = gorjess gini nih :D jadi kangen kumpul-kumpul deh~~

  2. Cakep bangeeeet paduannya... Lia-nya juga cuantiiiikk... Subhanallahhh <3
    *jadi pengen nyontek gayanya hihihihihii


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