LIA LOOKS: Howya doin'? I'm doing Pastel

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

I recently got a lot on my mind as so many things I didn't think of coming before has finally get into my life. I just realized that my life right now is not like the one I had before, everything starts to change. By change, I mean it climbs up to the whole new level and I'm thankful to Allah for who I am right now.

Rose Embossed Skirt | @eileen_attic (Instagram shop)
Shawl | D-I-Y stretch cerutti
Shoes | Calliope

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4 sweetness

  1. For once I thought you're Malaysian because of the dress hehe kinda like baju kurung. Anyway I love the color! :)

  2. Aku penasaran Lia, sama fotografer pribadi Lia :), kapan2 diceritain doonk, hihihi. EH atau udah pernah yaa? :)
    Cantiksss as always :)


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