LIA LOOKS: Two Pieces, Two Ways, Two Ocassions

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Fresh from the wedding party, sleek, no mess, and formal.

Went to meet a friend after wedding party, still clean, a little messy face, and a lot more casual and relaxing look.
Well, so,'s the friend I was meeting and I'm feeding her.
Yes, It's a huge toucan, and it's a female, lol.

I was having two different appointments and got no time to switch my outfit, so, I went out simply wearing my double layered tunic and high-waisted maxi skirt.

Tunic and maxi skirt gives you the formal yet sweet look which is suitable to wear to an event such as wedding party or graduation. I usually choose ones which material is a little bit of light and flowy such as chiffon, crepe, or glossy cotton, for it's comfiness.

LOOK 1 is the formal look I got for a wedding, and LOOK 2 is the more casual look I got as I was meeting a friend to have a relaxing conversations, and created from the same tunic piece which is tucked into the skirt. This is the magic of mixmatch-ing a double layered tunic and high-waisted maxi skirt.

That's all for today's styling tips, hope you enjoy, and thanks for reading!

SKIRT | Vanilla Hijab (Instagram: @vanillaforclothing )
TUNIC | Eileen Attic (Instagram: @eileen_attic )
SANDALS | Fairy Berry Shoes (Instagram: @fairyberryshoes )

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3 sweetness

  1. Smart solution for multiple appointment at a day! XD

  2. The manager suggested doing a signature cocktail during cocktail hour, which turned to be a huge hit. There is a full bar close to the entrance area, so we were covered there too. Dessert at wedding venues Los Angeles was a presentation of cookies (all looked homemade) and my favorite was the white chocolate, macadamia nut.


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