Little Black Batik Dress

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Salaam, I wanted to let you guys take a look at this batik dress of mine. I luuuv it to bits and pieces. This one is from SOGAN BATIK. They're a well-known local brand for the modern batik designs and modest wear in Yogyakarta. I'm wearing Mecca outer dress from the Hajj Series and it has been so much comfortable to wear.

So basically, other than wearing it for daily activity this dress is also made as a praying dress, it's wudhu friendly and has this hidden strap to ease your fingers attached to the sleeves. I've been wearing it around many times to cover my outfit during salat, so much dependable.

You can see more collections on at SOGAN BATIK's webstore here or get this beautiful collection online at Instagram store here. For those who are staying in Yogyakarta, you may visit their factory in Palagan, Sleman and get your favorite one this instant!

Thanks for reading!

Love. Lia <3


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