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Thursday, November 26, 2015

It's raining heavily here as I'm writing this to you and I'm sipping in my hot choco milk at home, while finishing my work. Current weather is pretty much similar to the picture shown above, but the rain is just little bit harder right now. The pics were taken yesterday, and it has been so wet and windy this weekdays.

I'm feeling a little bit anxious at the moment because my house is practically under the low-flight line, so, I can hear all the sounds coming from the almost landing airplanes. The landing track in my city is so slippery during the rain and has caused minor accident to some landings recently. Sitting down hearing these rumbling sound of maybe the airplane's brake or something worries me a lot since it gets much louder everytime it rains. I remembered once on a friday sermon that there is du'a ro recite during the rain, and that it's the best time to make supplications, my bad I did not have it memorized, so, I just looked it up;

At the time of the rain:

 اللَّهُمَّ صَيِّبًا نَافِعًا 

Allahumma Sayyiban Naafi'an
"O' Allah, (bring) beneficial rain clouds."
(Bukhari 2/518 )

After the rain:

مُطِرْنَا بِفَضْلِ اللهِ وَ رَحْمَتِهِ

Mutirnaa bifaDlillaahi wa rakhmatihi
"It has rained by the bounty of Allah and His Mercy."
(Bukhari 1/205, Muslim 1/83)

'Two will not be rejected, Supplication when the Adhan (call of prayer) is being called, and at the time of the rain'. [Al-Hakim 2: 114, and Abu Dawud #2540, ibn Majah]

'Seek the response to your du'as when the armies meet, and the prayer is called, and when rain falls' [reported by Imam al-Shafi' in al-Umm, al-Sahihah #1469].

The time of the rain is a time of mercy from Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala, So, we should take advantage of this times when Allah is having mercy on His slaves and InshaAllah I'll have it memorized for the future after typing it. Also hopefully, there will be no such event at the landing area due ti the rain anymore, may Allah be with us, ameen.

I managed to take some outfit photos earlier before the rain and thanks to the perfect flare skirt, I was able to get some perfect shots until the last minutes. It's been so breezing cold these days and I luuuv it because I don't sweat much. I sweat easily during summer and I don't really like (-not hating) sweating other than after doing some workouts. It's getting chilly so, it's a perfect time to wear thick and layering clothes again, yay.

After some neoprenes last time, I got my jeans jacket, flare maxi skirt and wedge sneakers on yesterday cus, why not?! haha. The skirt is my current favorite, the fabric and cutting is so pretty, sort of glowy but not making you overdressed, slightly thick but light-weighted, and swings nicely through the wind. This was the first time ever I paired a flare skirt with wedge sneakers. I wanted to wear it since it's cold but hesitate at first cuz it's kinda puffy and swollen and would prolly made me looked funny, lol. But, after some research and trying out, it turned out to be quite decent and so much warm. You may try it yourself, this combo is perfect for this season! 

Thanks for reading.

Love, Lia.

SKIRT | Vanilla Hijab (Instagram shop: @vanillaforclothing )
JACKET | Giordano
SNEAKERS | Zalora Indonesia

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