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Sunday, January 31, 2016

Girls, I'm finally reaching the age where I spend most weekends attending wedding receptions, dinner party, or any other formal events. Wedding marathon like three weeks in a row is irresistible. I recently look up for dresses, heels, and clutch more than anything. I also start touching my sewing machine and making my own dresses again, hihi. I realize I didn't prepare much on all this before.

Actually, I think I like to attend such event because I can dress up with a princessy feeling for once in a while. You girls know how it feels, kan. Now, I have several dresses ready whenever I need them, but, this one in the pics above is one of my favorite, Nasima Abaya from Sogan Batik.

Exactly, this is an abaya, it's indeed comfortable to wear 24/7 (even for sleeping) because it's made of cotton. I love the simple and elegant design of batik details at the bottom edge, makes it so wearable not only for daily activities but also formal events. Put your heels on, a sleek scarf, and a bold lipstick, then you become a princess! How lovely is that!

Local product is always the best. Better get yours one now!

Instagram: @soganbatik 


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  1. Salam Amalia,

    MashAllah! Purple is definitely your colour. p.s love your posts by the way:)

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