LIA LOOKS: Sailor Inspired Look

Friday, February 12, 2016

TGIF! Alhamdullillah, by the grace of Allah SWT that we still get to meet another Friday, Jumuah Mubarak sisters! Here's one of my outfit inspirations that would prolly be suitable for your Friday activities.

This time around, I wanted to wear something classic and simple, inspired by the sailor look trend. Like black and white, stripes, matching bag and shoes. The main point of sailor look is a pop of red color, so, in order to make it happen, I put on a red maxi cardigan and it's perfect as what I wished for.

I didn't have the square-collared top or a nautical hat, since this is only a sailor-inspired look, but, I think I almost did it thanks to the striped skirt. I wrapped a simple hijabstyle, a cardi-matchy lipstick, and I'm done!

P.s. There were some people unexpectedly watching me posing that time, I was kinda shy (holding my laugh back), and turns out almost all the pics had my face unready and my lips were all stiff! augh!

Skirt | @Eileen_Attic (Insta Shop)
Bag & Shoes | Zalora ID
Scarf | Karita

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2 sweetness

  1. wow infonya menarik kak, keren. ooo iya kak saya juga ada info kalau ingin tahu cara membuat toko online yukk disini saja.. terimakasih

  2. Suka banget fashion hijabmu kak :D
    Following your great blog !!!
    Might to follow back?


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