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Sunday, March 20, 2016

Let me introduce my new baby, the OH-SO-PRETTY asymmetric monochrome dress from ZALIA. I just love everything about this dress, the colour, the design, the cutting, the material, and the flowiness, this dress is an epitome of perfection.

I love how simple the design is, and how it effortlessly creates an elegant look on me. It's actually from ZALIA's Raya Collection last year, but blame me not, I just knew such beauty existed recently, ya Allah, lucky I still got the chance to own one, and the best part is, in MEGA discount! Girls are fighting for this baby (naaah, I'm exaggerating, but, this dress was sure sold out in a flash).

I've been showering my wardrobe with ZALIA's babies recently because I'm in love with their collections. They are also gonna launch their Raya Collection anytime soon, so, I hope  they will come up with much more beautiful pieces and restock their last year's best seller collections. So, those who are not getting it last time, girls you can finally smileeee again. Allright, that's all for today, see you on my next Zalia babies posts!

Love, Lia.
Dress | ZALIA

Scarf (Cerutti Pashmina)| Karita Moslem Square

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