LIA LOOKS: Blue Ombre Dress

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Salaam, I'm back! Sorry for being away for a month, I was so packed with my schedule, this and that. Here's dayumm me, back at it again with a Zalia dress! This time I'm having my forever favorite color, blue, and its shades together forming a beautiful ombre dress, another favorite one of mine. 

Aaaw, look at how it creates effortlessly beautiful look on me, it was so easy to get a perfect shot! Hehee, as I said, I'm gonna show you more Zalia style inspirations. So, will see you on my next Zalia babies posts!

Love, Lia :)

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4 sweetness

  1. Hi kak Lia, long dressnya bagus ada ombrenya gitu kece hihi.

  2. Emang ini gaya chic simple sih.. Ngebayangin aksesoris yg cocok jg bingung banget, karna simple kek gini jg udh megang banget deh.. Good job Lia !!


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