Lost in the 88 Love and Life Thoughts, Lost in Time

Sunday, May 08, 2016

As I'm writing this, I was just realized that I've been drowning myself in the world of #88LoveLife by Diana Rikasari (Illustrated by Dinda Puspitasari) enjoying each page, reading, imagining, looking back to my past, and relating so much to myself.

I've just got this #88LoveLife vol.02 few days ago, after finished reading the first one long before, and been having a really good time following Diana Rikasari's Love story, and being inspired by her thoughts on love and life.

There are two most interesting things about this book. First of all, it's enticingly inspiring! We keep getting inspired by every words and story, and we can never get bored because the illustrations keep spoiling your vision, leading you to your own imagination and replenishing a deeper meaning on the quotes. 

Second of all, to be honest, it's not really important, but I know anyone would agree on this, umm...this book is so instagrammable a.k.a. photogenic, hihihi! thanks to the amazing illustration work. It comes in handy to be put as a prop for your morning coffee updates, or to prettify your working desk makes it easy to catch when you want to read it! I really love the choice of hot pink for the cover :*

Speaking of inspirations, I personally got hit by this one quote, 'I'm too grateful to hate, which is literally simple but I'd rather keep forgetting, I suppose most people do. We keep on hating, complaining on things that happened to us when there are actually so many things we should be grateful of. The simplest thing like breathing, having two eyes, living in a peaceful country, realize that every little thing is a bless that we should cherish.

I admit that 'not complaining' is a hard thing to do because life and what's within doesn't always go as expected. I feel like I did my best, I always present the best but there's always someone who keep making it like nothing. But, I realize, there's nothing we could gain from hoping people to respect us. I should respect myself, I should be grateful for what I have done, what I put into effort in order to present the best, and however the result will be, just let it be. Nothing's wrong for always giving the best on everything we do anyway, right?

We should keep on busy thankful for what we have and what we are now, that there will be no time to hate. We aim to please Allah, not people. Relieve negativity, only accept what's positive, Positivity always win! (Reminded of #88LoveLife Vol.1, haha) So true, Di!

Other than the quotes, I also have my favorite illustration from the book. I really love the whole outfit illustration of this short-haired girl with a colorful pom-pom dress, cute accessories and fancy shoes, which is pretty much depicts Diana Rikasari and her style. I love this cute version of Diana, and of course the quotes next to it,

'The beneficial of having your own personal style, is that you never feel 
you have to compete with anyone else'

As a personal style blogger, I truly agree that it's so beneficial to have your own personal style, so that you won't have to worry about keeping up with anything, just confidently express who you are, whoever you wanna be! Diana knows this feeling so much *aaaaww*

This book is one of my compulsory whats-in-my-bag item right now! Bagi yang udah baca, I bet you guys are doing the same? hahaha. I had so much fun reading this book recently, sometimes I don't really remember how long I've read it, I most likely being lost in time, hahaa.

Kudos Diana Rikasari for writing such a lovely story, and Dinda Puspitasari for creating such a brilliant illustrations! Looking forward to another amazing work of you two in the future, and wishing to have a chance to receive some good vibes from you two anytime soon!

Love, Lia <3

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