LIA LOOKS: It's Boho Batik!

Monday, October 24, 2016

Speaking of batik, us Indonesians are of course so much related to it, batik is one of the greatest fashion inventions in Indonesia, and to be honest, I am so much into batik recently.

It's not that easy to find batik tops/dress which has good combinations between the prints, fabric, and the cutting. Most of us nowadays are also tend to wear batik more to formal occasions than to daily events, which is okay, there are still many who wear it for casual event too, but, of course it would be great if we wear it in out daily activities like hangout in the mall or jogging, lol. Of course, we should have them in different fabrics that is suitable for each event.

I am so glad to find this awesome batik top which has a great combo of modern big stripes and batik print with a nice flare cutting, and in a super comfortable cotton fabric. I pre-ordered it at Batik Adhiarja, custom it to my own size, not too big, not too tight. Perfect for my daily occasions and of course for formal events too. It's gonna be my new favorite!

Most of the time, I also prefer to style batik the formal way, with something silky, blinky accessories, and pointy shoes. But this time, I want to wear batik differently, so I chose to wear this top at its comfiest, I wanted to look as comfy as possible without looking ugly, lol. The prints combo helps me a lot, it's a sunflower kinda of batik pattern but gives you the laid back bohemian feeling, so you can just pair it with a loose palazzo, and sliders then be in your most comfortable shape. I also add a mini fringe bag to complete the boho feel on the look. So, here I call this look 'Boho Batik'! Please don't hesitate to steal my style, you can see the product details below. Thanks for reading!

xx, Lia.

Batik top | BATIK ADHIARJA (Instagram: @batikadhiarja)
Pants | ZALIA
Sliders | The ZALORA Label
Fringe Slingbag | H&M

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3 sweetness

  1. We have the same problem with batik! Hahahaha
    Susah banget cari yang cuttingnya pas di badan. Biasanya kegomboran soalnya badanku kecil dan cutting batik biasanya gombooorrr..
    Jadi, aku malah lebih suka jahitin deh :|

  2. Love your outfit and my dad loves indo batik! Nice post ;D


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