LIA LOOKS: Bohemian Boogie!

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Went bohemian boogie for a meeting with mba Afnia Rosa of HIJJA Indonesia yesterday. I'll be speaking about modest look styling on HIJJA Indonesia Pre-Launch on Hijab Morfosa this November 19th at 4.00 pm in Jogja Expo Centre, along with my dear hosip girl, Hemas Nura (Instagram: @hemasnura). Hope we won't end up gossiping on stage, lol. Please do come if you free!

Necklace | Wol.Pompom
Flare Pants | ZALIA
Fringe Bag | Lenka Moslem Wear

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2 sweetness

  1. Cute outfit and totally got that bohemian touch. Niceee xo

  2. haiii, aku di invite nih ke Hijabmorfosa.
    Mau datang tanggal sgtu tp pas ada acara huhuhu :(


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