Afternoon at Hayati Specialty Coffee Yogyakarta

Saturday, March 04, 2017

It was a gloomy afternoon before raining hard when I arrived and met this gorgeous girls at Hayati Specialty Coffee Yogyakarta. This place is located in Jl. Demangan Baru, Yogyakarta. Such a cozy new place in town to chill out, working, and had a good sip of coffee.

So sweet of Amel, the young lady in white, owner of this cozy place, to invite us and have a taste on some of their specialties from beverage to food. We had a good time, a good talk, and she let us took pictures of everything inside, because I'm not lying guys, this place really is so cozy. To make you all sure of what I'm saying, scroll down to see more!

I'm so in love with the lighting inside, and the lights itself. They really pay attention to details when it comes to interior. Simple quotes on the wall completes everything, just in a right proportion. It was finally raining super hard when our order arrived.

I haven't told you right, 'our' here was Nia from as usual, I met this girl everywhere lol, and Roro, an Instagram influencer, a sweet personality that I met recently. It was raining, but we all want sweet and icy drinks in an unintentionally different pretty colours. Of course, they're all healthy colours, from taro to coffee.

Yes, lunch time is here, so we need to fuel up. The food was also yumsss, mine was something called egg yolk rice bow (?) I can't really remember the name but it's good. Those who doesn't want to eat a lot, can opt for snacks also, because there are various choices on the menu.

Not just coffee, there's Popoluca Store next to Hayati Coffee. It was in the same building so you can also shop after finishing your business with coffee. I am absolutely went inside to take a look on what they have. 

Cutesies take over the whole room! I love the collections, so up to date and don't be scared, they are all in affordable prices. You can find out more about Hayati Coffee and Popoluca Store on their Instagram page: @hayaticoffee and @popolucaclothing.

Anyone looking for where to go this weekend in Jogja? I recommend you to visit Hayati Coffee. To make it easier for you to find, it is accross to Kolese De Britto High School, so simply just locate your maps/GPS there.

It's finally reaching the end of my post. I hope these informations helpful, thankyou for reading and see you on the next review post!




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  1. Lia aku uda berencana ke sini dari kapan hari haha. Belum jadi-jadi. Duh baca postinganmu dan foto2nya makin-makin deh pengennya :D


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