Emina Around The World (TOKYO) Blogger Gathering

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Hello again, it's another event report and this time is the blogger gathering I attended last week, a little bit late but it's never too late to share good news, right? So, what is the good news? then keep on reading!

The event was conducted by Emina Cosmetics, held in several cities in Indonesia, including Jogja. They invited some of the local bloggers and influencers to gather and did some fun activities to promote their newest project: Emina Around The World, especially the well-known country in Asia, Tokyo.

Not leaving a single detail of making a Tokyo ambience event, we are asked to do the dresscode 'Tokyo Street Style', and of course, we're doing it at one of the famous Japanese Resto in Jogja, Ai Royal Unagi.

Actually, I was not really sure how to dress up like Tokyo kewl kid, but simple tips on how to look like a Japanese fashionistas; First, choose the most comfortable pieces and wear as many layers as you can possibly hold up, opt for colour-blocking colour and pattern, lastly, adjust them to your own style and confidence. I didn't want to do much on my outfit, so, I opted a skirt that has a layering effect on the pockets from Hava Indonesia last time, and put on a cutey glittery fun make up to complete the whole look. As per usual without further do, let's checkout what happened at the event below... 

I'm not gonna hold very long for the good news, so, it's time! Emina Cosmetics wants to inivite us to participate in a chance of winning a trip to Tokyo, Japan by filling a form at www.eminaaroundtheworld.com and the good news is, all of you can join too!

You only need to purchase a travel package of Emina Cosmetics like I show you above at the nearest Emina Play Ground in your city, psst, the pouch is free! So, the Tokyo Card inside, contains a serial number you can submit to the web form, and finger crossed, hopefully you're the lucky one!

After this, I'm gonna make a home made sushi, so, keep on reading to know how serious my face can possibly look like, lol.

Next agenda was make up tips, tutorial on how to make a Japanese girls look alike ombre gradation lips by Emina Beauty Agent Yogyakarta.

Here they areeeee, the sushi making tutorial from Ai Royal Unagi by Chef Agung. The ingredients was ready and prepared, and we all got the sushi roller for free! I forgot the name, but yeah, looking at the chili powder, tempting me to make a super spicy hot sushi.

All people was really serious learning to roll the sushi professionally like Chef Agung. In my case, it's not that hard actually, I think I have the talent to be a Japanese. I looked angry when I'm serious, especially with my fingers obsessively pouring those chili all over the sushi. 

I know I was being photographed this time, so, I smiled a bit, lol.

It's my pretty fire sushi, yuum! Looks normal right? lol. It's super hot by the way, as what I like it to be!

Happy tummy, happy faces!

Attempting hard being as cute as Japanese girls with mba Andhika Lady.

Yaaay! Jogja bloggers full house at Ai Royal Unagi. Thanks to Emina Cosmetics for having us, super fun we got to know how to make sushi with Ai Royal Unagi. Always a fun time as well with these blogger girls, such a productive weekend!

Don't forget to get your Emina Travel Package, submit your number, and see you, Tokyo? hopefully? haha. Thank you for reading, and see you on the next event report!


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5 sweetness

  1. Look so fun and make me hungry right now. Btw, it's nice having so many blogger event in your city and I think, I'm gonna join the Emina lucky draw to go to Tokyo ^^

    xoxo, Kartikaryani

  2. Liaaaa, as always, love your pic! 😍

  3. yaaay semoga menang dan bisa cus ke tokyo ya mbaaak!

  4. Gemessss banget siiii foto wol.pompom yg dijadiin blush on 😚


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