HEART by Anunk Aqeela for JFF 2017

Sunday, March 05, 2017

Hello, how are you? I'm starting the post with the pic of me and my girls after mba Anunk Aqeela's show at Jogja Fashion Festival 2017. It was a great night witnessing the newest collection "HEART" that mba Anunk has been working on for a while finally comes to life!

The show presents 10 pieces of the whole collection. Honestly, I'm also new to Anunk Aqeela's designs which has bold, powerful, and unique characteristic that mostly comes out in monochrome shades, this label has been around creating masterpiece from two years ago and I'd say that I adore them so much. The show was baam! you can scroll down to see more of what's on it last time...

When the designer was busy backstage preparing the show, I watced the show accompanied by my girls Rizka the pro hijab model and a smart personality, and Hemas Nura who is a doctor who also does modelling, and in the middle, a fashion blogger who becomes a shortie everytime she's around these models. Here's more to see...

Something seemed familiar? Yes, I was honoured to be one of the muse for the "HEART" collection's poster along with Rizka. I really came out of my comfort zone, and mba Anunk's design really appeal what's never been seen on me before, howya like me being bold? maybe I should try bold style once in a while? haha. 

I actually tried, to pull off the bold monochrome style on me and it turned out fine by wearing the bell sleeve top from one of Anunk Aqeela Collection. Still, can't help being lovely, so I opted to wear earrings and pump heels, but red lips for sure!

Thank you so much mba Anunk and the team, for having me, and making the project even more fun, and also for the knowledge and advices you shared to us as a young mother, life lesson learned. The project will still be continued so I will see them again soon. 

You can see more about Anunk Aqeela Indonesia on their instagram (@anunkaqeela.id) and shop their collection right this instant. Once again, congratulations mba Anunk and team, it was DOPE. Thank you for reading and bonus video of the collection sneak peak below. See you on the next post!



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