J.Rep Clothings for Jogja Fashion Festival 2017

Monday, March 13, 2017

Last week I've got the opportunity to come to the 3rd day of Jogja Fashion Festival (JFF) 2017 to attend J.Rep Clothings fashion show for the second time at Ambarrukmo Plaza. They also kindly invited me to watch their show last year, and I wrote about all of it here.

J.Rep is one the well-known Ready to Wear clothing tenant in the mall, and of course all over Indonesia. I've known this label since I was teeny, since 2010, and I love their collections when it comes to my needs of daily wear.

This time at JFF 2017, J.Rep is collaborating with Watch Club, to present their 20 newest outfit collections which are now available in the store all over Indonesia. Their collections are kinda simple, urban, chic whilst super up to date, easy to mix and match, and wearable for daily activities, which I love.

I bet all of you are familiar to this label too since they've been around for years and are available in several cities in Indonesia. For those of you who haven't, you should check out at the mall nearby, J.Rep is nearer than you think, hehe. Here are some of my faves that night...

The show started at 7 pm, and goes for two hours. We also got the chance to watch the special show presented by Ayu Gani, an awesome Indonesian girl, the winner of Asia's Next Top Models 2016, coaching some of the rookie models in Yogyakarta in an intensive two days lesson. Here are the sneakpeak of it, sorry, Gani, I didn't get the best shoot of you...

The show was closed by the performance of the -I just knew him that night- amazing Jazz singer, Teza Sumendra. It was so silly I didn't know him before, I left blank when the crowd cheered loudly after his name was called, but I am sure his name was kinda familiar in my head.
I asked Widya, 'Who is heee?!'
She was like, 'Whaaat?! that famous jazz singer!'
Imma be, 'Oh, yeaaa...I kinda now his name.'  
So, there you are Teza, I finally know you now, lol, your voice is bomb. Gurl, his husky voice makes me dying...

Watched the show with my luuves, Widya Sesarika (@sesarika) and Hemas Nura (@hemasnura) as per usual. I met them a lot this month, lol. Thanks for making this in-sync poker face picture darlingssss, we looked fierceee...ah! Thank you to J.Rep Clothings for having us also, we had a great night! Thank you all for reading and see you on the next event stories, bonus our boomerang!


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2 sweetness

  1. Their latest collection so great. Yeah, looks so comfy and cool enough for daily wear ^^

    xoxo, Kartikaryani

  2. Seru sekaliii
    sayang ngga bisa hadir huhuhu



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