Styling Traditional Korean Outfit The Modern Way

Saturday, March 04, 2017

Right at the moment when I'm having K-drama fever, this hanbok crop top from DotDtails came to me. I am so excited, as you know Hanbok is a traditional korean wear, which has a trade mark, a side tie-up detail. The original hanbok is very hijab-friendly, because it covers the whole body like a long dress, so we can just add up hijab to cover our head.

Wearing the original hanbok would be a little stuffy for daily activities. This style can be an option when you want to have a korean feel to your outfit while still being able to move freely. I paired up this cropped top with long sleeve shirt and a comfy wide pants, simple styled hijab, and a pointy shoes.

A short sleeve cropped top is a good item to wear for those who wear hijab, because we can make a layering effect with the inner shirt which is a effortless way to look more stylish. It's also make us easier to move around without being sultry. A wide leg pants with a comfortable material for keeping the modest-feel of original hanbok, but keeping you free to move. A pointy shoes because I want my feet to look pretty, lol,

I'm so in love with the cut and material from DotDtails new collections EASY ELEGANCE, they're so well-tailored. Get your own korean look and shop this Hanbok cropped top through their website or Instagram (@dotdtails) and I'm definitely going to show you more of my DotDtails outfit later! End of today's style post. Thanks for reading!



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3 sweetness

  1. Lia, aku dari lihat Anaz Siantar pakai ini udah naksir, tapi bayangin aku pakai kok kayaknya aneh ya wakaka

  2. Ampun cakep deh.
    Pengen bisa foto ootd gini tp sampe sekarang ga kesampean :D


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