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Wednesday, March 08, 2017

Speaking of trend, did you notice that layering has been so in trend recently? This is one of the way you can try to be stylish with less effort. You can just mix and match your old and new stuff and put on one over another.

This layering trend has been a savior to a hijabi like me. I used to feel insecure whenever I wore something underneath my dress, fear that it'd be seen and looked weird. But recently, slip dress or dresses with no sleeves has also became everyone's favorite. Layering by pairing an old casual dress over an inner shirt/tee, and wear pants underneath would make people say you pull off the style.

Not leaving a cap-toe shoes, shoes that also has the layering effect in which the toe parts are covered, was also a hit. It's just brilliant to make the shoes simply looked more fun and elegant by putting a dark color over the toes, I can't help but loving it. 

This dress from DotDtails is one of my favorite slip dress. The ruffle details at the bottom parts is my favorite because it will sway as I walk, and the length is just right, not too short, not too long. Creating a fun look but still being modest. Plus, the cutting is always comfortable to wear, quality won't lie, you seriously need to have this one too! Shop on their website or Instagram (@dotdtails) now. Pics bonus on where I went to with this outfit. 

Went to Punika Deli Cafe Ambarrukmo and had a blast with Syarizka Anefi, Shouva, and Hemas Nura, they are all muslimah models, with Quin the owner of Azzura Models Management Yogyakarta (You can find them on Instagram: @azzuramodelsyogya, and contact them for anything moslem fashion modelling bussiness), and me, akumah apa butiran embun. This is what we ordered...

Thanks for the quality time girlsss, for empowering each other. Thank you for reading also, see you on the next one!



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4 sweetness

  1. Pretty dress but I still feel insecure wearing such layering outfit because I have petite body, I scared looks so tiny with layering dress hehe 😂

    xoxo, Kartikaryani

  2. Loving that details of the dress a bit too much! You're so pretty xo

    Monochrome Diary | Instagram


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