Things happened at Amazara Indonesia Open House!

Friday, March 03, 2017

Hi dearest! this time I want to let you know where I went, and what I did last weekend. Yap! I was attending 'Amazara Indonesia Open House' because they're moving to a new space! a cute, cozy, and passionate space to be exact. Did you know about AMAZARA? for those #amazarasquad if you read this I know you're excited, for those who are yet to know them, you're one step away to be a cool squad, keep reading and get ready for awesomeness coming your waaay!

Amazara is an Indonesian local shoe brand based in Yogyakarta, fabulously evolving with their mantra 'Affordably Stylish'. They first started their collection on comfy and simple design such as flats, sandals, and sneakers, but after a year they finally also release heels collection, but still, not leaving comfiness to our feet, they made them as midi high block heels, my favorito! Well, you can find more about Amazara on their Instagram ( or you can stalk their website here. Now, let's checkout what happened during the event!

The event was held from the morning up until night, open for customers and partners to choose when to come. Each hour has different theme of sharing session hosted by all the people behind the Amazara scenes. I came at 4 p.m. and I met my fellow bloggers, social media people, and influencers.

I came late for the main event started in the evening, all guests gathered and they welcome all of us to do anything we want, it was a total creative, mingle, reunion and networking night. I was so happy the timing was right that we all end up satisfying our sweetooth with various kinds of sweets, I mean not only sweet but also cutesies all over the room!

These happened when bloggers catch up and sit together, cameras everywhere, sometime we talk to a person, other times we talk to a person who is busy with phones updating on social media. No, I'm kidding, we actually had a good time, and of course had a lot of good photo time with anyone or every single piece of cutesies that can not be left out.  

Here's the girls and I with the first lady of Amazara, mba Uma Hapsari herself (left to right: Nia from, Amel from, Mba Uma, Aubrey, and me). It was nice to finally meeting you and absorbs positive and passionate energy from you mba Uma!

The cutest pile of shoe box you can have from purchasing their collections, like seriously, can a shoe box get any cuter than this? SHOP SHOP SHOP NOW!!!

Not only people behind Amazara, I also met a whole lot more inspiring people from all around, talk about life and thoughts. Making new friends, creating a great network, and of course build a strong friendship.

So many things I can learn and take note to, aaanddd...prepare for more cutesies ahead! Doing Amazara's new collection flatlays is compulsory. Don't forget the holy hashtag #AmazaraSquad!

Another new friends with their new friends! Wishing to meet you again next time girliesss.

Of course, passionate vibes and encouraging quotes are all over the room!

When us found the newest invention of selfie light ring, immediate selfie 

Here's me being serious having my first conversation on my second meeting with mba Ewindhasari, the ladyboss of Gotosovie (checkout Thanks for the great sharing mba Windha, and of course mba Evina the sister that I met first before I know about Gotosovie. Sukses selalu!

These two amazing fashionpreneurs that I can impossibly left behind, Widya Sesarika of The Steddy, and mba Indah Ederra of Ederra Indonesia. I mean gurrrlll, I don't need to explain further, they are awesome and the ones I really look up to. So proud to have you all as a sister-like friend, geng tangga, because when when stand up we do look like stairs, lol and loves loveess! Okay, I'm done being cheesy.

Finally, I can show you me chillin' in my outfit with the newest collection of Amazara called Evelyn in rose gold which caught my heart! Cool and sweet at the same time. Psst, They're restocking so better hurry before they say sorry.

Thankyou so much Amazara Indonesia, Amazara Squad, mba Uma and family, for having me in your new office! It was such a good time and place you made for all of us, and it's great to see how the team working together. We had yummy bakmi jawa also, boleh tambah omset rilis Bakmi Amazara juga, lol. I wish Amazara will grow even bigger, spread even wider, and be the best Indonesian shoe label.

Don't forget to stalk, stop, and shop at Amazara, even cooler squad! Thanks for reading and see you on the next event stories at LOVELIA, bye!




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  1. Ish kalau tinggi kaya kamu pakai sepatu apa aja oke ya Li. Kalau aku pakai sepatu2 amazara agak kurang pas. mungkin perasaanku sih hihi


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