Quirky with Batik? You Can! with this Batik Patch Dress

Thursday, June 08, 2017

A batik dress has never been this cool! The patch trend is everywhere and batik is following too! Quirky lovers, now you can be unique and slay batik with this batik patch dress from SOGAN BATIK.

As a local Jogjanese, I feel so proud wearing this dress. I really love the idea of cutting batik into some famous Jogja tourism attractions such as Joglo, Tugu Jogja, and Merapi Mountain. This dress is just extra ordinary!

You may think of wearing it this Raya? or giving it to someone as Raya gift from Jogja? it can be a good idea! or maybe just wear it this Ramadan, as I did wearing it to attend an iftaar dinner. This dress is unusual, I love the fact that it's actually a plain cotton dress from behind, but it's not really plain, so much comfortable to wear since it's cotton, and when I turn around, the patches made it looks extra gorgeous! I got so many compliments wearing this dress.

No worries for mommies, the buttons making it breastfeeding friendly, and the lower flare cut let you walk in super ease. This dress is available in four other different colors if I'm not mistaken, and I opted for the grey one, because I don't have any grey dress yet (I think, lol). I also opted for my black batik scarf (also from Sogan Batik), and to prevent from looking too gloomy for an iftaar dinner with all the majority dark colors on the outfit, I match the little purple batik patch with a pointy magenta flat shoes to complete the whole look and I'm satisfied!

Perfect for casual and semi formal events, this dress is definitely my new favorite! I ordered this dress on www.soganbatik.com, you can contact their admin via Instagram (@soganbatik) I think they response faster on Instagram. Thankyou so much for reading! See you on my next post!


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3 sweetness

  1. Lucu banget ih dress nya, ada tugu jogja nya gitu huehehe


  2. how cute dress Ka Lia, btw kreatif banget ya yg design kasih sentuhan khas Jogjnya gak cuma dari batiknya tapi juga dari landmark yang ada di Jogja ^^

    xoxo, Kartikaryani


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