Flares and Bells

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

I am pretty sure you have noticed that flare trend has taken over the fashion world again recently. Not only on fashion weeks, this flare trend has spread all over the modest fashion scene, not to mention, hijab fashion.

All things flare has become the 'it' item for hijabis. The biggest reason for everyone to love it is because the loose silhouette that would make us feel comfortable anytime. The flare cuts either on your sleeves or your knees or your skirt could be very flowy, easy breezy, and it's just so perfect when your outfit can be effortlessly stylish and looking on a whole different level with only this one fashion item.

Flare cuts were so in trend during the 80s-90s, and it somehow has developed into various designs such as bell cuts, trumpet cuts, peplum, frill, mermaid cuts, etc, and I always adore any clothing item with loose silhouette since it won't shape my body which is good for those who wear hijab.

Pairing a flare piece with other flares would not be a bad choice too! Such as bell sleeves top on flare pants, just like what I did on the pics above. This is also what I love about playing dress up with flare and bell pieces, it won't make your outfit looking too much, it will give a relax feeling instead. Have you equipped your wardrobe with these trendy items, yet? Try them and add a new style to your outfit collections!

Top: @hitammanisstore (Instagram Store)
Pants: @zalia_official (ZALIA by www.zalora.co.id)
Scarf: @KerudungElita (Instagram Store, or you can buy offline at Jl. Kaliurang, Yogyakarta)


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5 sweetness

  1. Lia dan flare itu kayaknya udah melekat sis hahaha


  2. Lia, boleh dikasih tips nggak kalau tubuh petite semok kaya aku mau pakai yang serba flare enaknya gimana ya? Pengen celananya tapi kayanya bikin efek tubuh makin bantet.

    1. pakai yg celana flarenya kepanjangan sampai nutupin sepatu, lalu pakai heels/wedges sis!

  3. kemayu banged mbak Lia jilbabnya begitu . love it :)


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