The Layering Trend - Modest Styling (Part 2)

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Some of you may have already read my post about the layering trend here, in which this styling method has been so in trend recently, especially in modest fashion. Last time I wrote about how you can do layering by mixmatching your old and new stuffs, this time I would love to share my latest outfit wearing some of the trendy fashion items that has these chic layering details, makes it so much easier to appear stylish effortlessly. 

1. Tied Skirt and Oversized Shirt

I'm so in love with this outfit, the reason being is that all my favorite shades of blue got together in a look; baby blue, navy, and light gray. Both shirt and skirt are my favorite finds from HAVA Indonesia. The shirt is unique for the sleeve seemed like it's double layer, and the skirt is looove because it has these outside pocket detail which very unusual but very good in stealing the spotlight, a tied ribbon is added to prettify the whole look.

This look can be either formal or semi formal, mine here is rather semi formal because I opted for a small to-go backpack, and an open toe block heel sandal. If you want to achieve a more formal look, just opt for a handbag or a formal totebag and a closed toe heels/oxfords.

2. Simple Buttonless Shirt and Apron Skirt

Kinda similar to the first one but different. Still my favorite finds from HAVA, especially the skirt, I'm obsessed, the outside pocket details are just so pretty, tied ribbons are perfect, it looks like I'm wearing an apron but not, so, I just love it!

The point of the styling is, I can just match the skirt with a simple buttonless shirt and a plain scarf because you don't need to do much when your skirt has already got layering details. Match the skirt color with the scarf, but matching both items doesn't always have to go with the exact same color, you can also opt for a lighter or a darker shade. My skirt is brown, so I choose to put on a creamy colored scarf, and voila, I got a more dynamic look!

3. Shortsleeve Midi Dress, Button Shirt, Palazzo Pants 

Midi dresses seemed impossible to wear for a hijabi like me, unless you try to do layering on your outfit. I got this ruffled sleeve dress from DotDtails, and challenge myself to style it modestly. So, I wear a white button shirt inside and choose the fit-sized one so it wont make it looked stuffy, and then the dress goes over it, plus a palazzo pants for the bottom part. I complete the look with a scarf that matches the pants, and yay, a whole new modest layering look for a hijabi, with a midi dress!


So, how do you girls like it? Which one you think is the best and matches your personal style? Leave your thoughts, comments, and questions below so I can keep sharing the better styling ideas for you in the future! Thank you so much for your support and I'll see you on my next styling post!


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